Brainstorming Session 8-29-03 Automatic razor sharpener

Brainstorming Session 8-29-03
Automatic razor sharpener
Camera to recognize simple objects as opposed to just shapes
Turns a light on by whether you are in your bed or not.
Retinal scan to test your pupil response to stimuli.
Finger Print identification
Electrical backup that accumulates.
A barbecue grill that automatically controls heat with time
Universal satellite decoder for TV
Interface for phones to use handheld walkie talkies.
Device for phone that recognizes long distance phone calls and gives duration.
Horse simulator
A robot that gather materials to create another robot.
Robot would scan for specific materials.
Self cleaning bathtub.
Wireless robot from a laptop or homePC
Device to keep saxophone at room temperature (72 degrees )
Make phone line handle a computer and phone calls at the same time.
Ultrasonic emitter/sensor with bandpass built into device.
Ground detector for cherrypicker/bucket truck.
Wrist watch to monitor blood alcohol level.
Tree shredder kill switch activated by wrist device
Autofocus on glasses.
Jacket with camera on back and display on front.
Car personal settings
Automatic phone history
Tire pressure regulator while the car is in use (never have to check tire pressure)
Detect the filter quality on house air conditioner based on amount of dirt.
Hair cutting robots.
Measure wind direction/speed, temperature, barametric pressure, humidity, etc..
Phone SPAM detector, after message has been left.
Currency detector for blind people.
Instrument that detects and records/playbacks music (dueling pianos)
Shoe tread wear detector.
Fish tank Ph measuring device, auto adjust levels.
Electronic rope measurer for rock climbers.
Door answering machine.
Keyless entry for house.
Sensor for backing up trailer.