From Maria Vallejo vocabulary development,

From Maria Vallejo
: I copy articles that I know will allow for
vocabulary development,
I copied an article about teachers stretching their
This is a concern that my students deal with on a
daily basis.
The vocabulary of course is at a higher level and
teachable moments are weaved throughout the
I make enough copies so students can share. Each
student reads a section, as they read I underline
words that'
are mispronounced After each section, I write the
word on my
white board, we look for words within the word and
we discuss
the pronunciation and definition of each word.
I begin each session with a writing activity:
Use words from the unit in a sentence..
Correct misspelled words and correct incorrect
grammar. We are studying
homes and I asked students
to "describe their favorite room"
Before writing we brainstormed what helps the
reader visualize
the words.
On Tuesday I have 10 words that go with each unit,
and we
have a test on Thursday.
: This coming Tuesday I will have them do a preview
test. As we review the words they can see where
their errors
I use the activity bank and copy Level C worksheets
we use to compliment our book.
: We do group activities where students present a
project to the other groups.
I am constantly thinking of different ways to keep the
students engaged.
Thus far the students are truly enjoying the articles
and the writing activities.
As I come up with ideas, I'll be sure to pass them on.
Unfortunately, I will not attend the session because I
am babysitting my two month old grandson. Maybe you
could forward the information that is shared, or I
could stop by the office and pick up a copy. Hopefully
the group will agree to meeting once a month. The time
is perfect.
Again thank you for all you are doing.
La paz....nana maria