Life History Review

Life History Review
1. A species that reproduces ____________ could rapidly populate an unchanging environment but could also
become extinct in the face of environmental change.
2. Most variation in a species is developed during _______________ reproduction.
3. An ___________ strategist invests relatively little care in its offspring.
4. A species that tends to compete well as a population reaches its carrying capacity is a ___________
5. Information about number of deaths per age group, cohort size and survival of a cohort group would be
included in a ___________________.
6. Factors such as disease and competition for resources are considered ________________________ impacting
population size.
7. A drought or famine which might impact a population would be considered a(n) _____________________
impacting the population.
8. A population poised to increase in the near future would show a large number of individuals in which age