Substantial Research Papers Water

Substantial Research Papers
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Maisonet-Guzmán, Olimar (2011), The Evolution of Water Privatization: Moving
Forward with Public-Private Partnerships in Puerto Rico
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Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Sector
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Ogallala Aquifer
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Production & Pollution on Water Systems
Houshower, Nicholas (2009), Fluid Dynamics: The Politics of Oil and Water in China
and Kazakhstan
Falk, Elizabeth (2006), Edible Roof Gardens and Rainwater Capture: A Proposal to
Enhance Justice of the School of International Service
Moon Sukran (2011), The Four Major Rivers Project in South Korea and Implications
for Improving Environmental Governance
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Mergler, Holly (2008), A Dying River: The Social Impacts and A Community's
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(Mauritania, Senegal, Mali & Guinea)
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