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American University Center for Global Peace
Mustafa Barzani Graduate Peace Fellowship
Mula Mustafa Barzani (3/14/03 - 3/1/79) was a visionary leader in the
struggle for Kurdish rights and identity. In loving memory of his leadership in
this important area, the American University Center for Global Peace has been
given generous funding to establish two endowed fellowships for graduate
students at the University. The Center for Global Peace provides a framework
for programs and initiatives that advance the study and understanding of world
peace and a sustainable world order. Under the direction of Professor Abdul
Aziz Said, the longest-serving faculty member at the University, the Center is
committed to innovative and interdisciplinary teaching, substantive research, the
attainment of new knowledge, and preparing future world leaders on issues of
critical importance to a just and sustainable peace in the emerging global
We are faced with a compelling need for a more expansive vision of what
stability and peace in the Middle East could mean, and for a deeper historical
and cultural understanding of the dynamic role of the Kurdish people. Research
in this area will contribute to a larger vision for
global cooperation which is a prerequisite to building a world community that
demonstrates respect for all cultures and encourages the participation of all
peoples. The Barzani Graduate Peace Fellow will participate in this research.
This is a renewable fellowship which provides tuition (up to 9 credits per
semester) for graduate study in any field at American University. Recipients will
be required to take courses in Kurdish Studies in addition to the course
requirements in their chosen field of study. Applicants must apply to a
particular School within the University and indicate their major field of study
(e.g. School of International Service, International Peace and Conflict
Resolution). Online applications are available through the various Schools at
our website: www.american.edu. Applicants must meet application deadlines
which are set by the individual Schools. Recipients of the fellowship will be
asked to provide research and office support for the Mustafa Barzani Scholar of
Global Kurdish Studies and the Center for Global Peace.
Center for Global Peace American University Washington, DC 20016-8123
Tel: 202-885-1379 Fax: 202-885-1156 E-mail: salima@american.edu
Who is eligible:
1. Students currently enrolled at American University
2. Prospective students, pending acceptance to American University
How to apply: please submit the following items to the Center for Global Peace,
preferably by e-mail to salima@american.edu:
1. A copy of your American University transcript or a copy of your
completed application to American University. Please do not send original
applications to the Center, as University admissions applications are processed
by the School to which you apply.
2. A copy of your resume, including full contact information for up to 3
3. An original essay explaining your interest in Kurdish studies, including
your demonstrated
efforts and plans for strengthening the field of Kurdish
studies. Describe the possible links
between this area of specialization and
your other proposed field of study (such as International Peace and Conflict
Resolution, International Business, Communications, International
Development, Public Administration, etc.), and how this relates to your career
4. A cover letter with a detailed explanation of your study plans and
contact information.
NOTE: Non US citizens must apply early in order for the University to process
I-20 forms. Non-US citizens must provide proof of financial ability to cover
living expenses for the year. Please contact the Office International Student
Services in this regard (www.american.edu/iss) or E-mail them at
Our Address: Center for Global Peace,
American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW,
Washington DC 20016-8123.
Phone: (202) 885-1379 Fax: (202) 885-1156
E-mail: salima@american.edu Website: http://www.american.edu/cgp