Assistive Technology and Transition

Assistive Technology and Transition
Your team has been assigned to one of the following individuals. Watch the video, titled Freedom
Machines and discuss the three questions below.
Susan – grew up with a disability and with technology. She's entering her first year of college.
Bonita-she is visually impaired from birth and grew up in rural Tennessee. Now imagine Bonita
is 18 years old and would like to live independently and pursue a career as a teacher's aide
Floyd – an African-American male who lives at a nursing home and is newly disabled. Now
imagine Floyd is 18 years old and would like to transition back to his community and attend
college and become an independent living Advocate
Latoya – uses a wheelchair and has a vision impairment and has attended a hospital school and
a high school. Latoya will be transitioning from her high school to college, majoring in language
Shoshana – has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and operates her own video business.
Shoshana will be transitioning from high school to an independent living setting in her
Gladys – is an elderly woman who experiences a hearing impairment. Now imagine Gladys is a
teenager who is transitioning from high school to college. We're she would like to become a
What barriers did you identify that might impact successful assistive technology transition.
Pick one of the barriers and discuss a transition plan that would address this barrier.
After watching the video, what factors did you see would lead to successful assistive technology