CFR Web Advisory Committee Minutes January 15, 2008

CFR Web Advisory Committee Minutes
January 15, 2008
Attending: Diemer, Paul, West
Absent: Lutz, Mehlin, Morrison, Moskal, Panza, Trudeau
1. Minutes from the January 8 meeting were not approved due to lack of quorum.
2. Jon announced that he has posted the opening for part-time Web Assistant on the
HuskyJobs web site. Steve said that it would be a good idea to email Computer
Science and Engineering as well as DXARTS with the link to the posting so they can
let their students know about it. Jon will do this.
3. Cecilia shared a sample of the Contact page from Anthropology, which we can use
to model ours after. With a little tweaking, we agreed that we should make ours
available as soon as possible from the CFR home page as a PDF document. That will
be easy to implement and facilitate printing.
4. Cecilia has not had time to put together samples for the new “spotlight” column
on the home page, as discussed at the January 8 meeting.
5. Cecilia has gathered photos for the four categories we agreed on for the home
page, and will place the image files in appropriately named directories on the web
6. We agreed on the following changes related to the About the College pages:
-The About the College top menu item will not display a sub-menu, but rather go
directly to an About the College page, which will have the content of the current
College Profile page. The left-hand navigation menu will have all the items that were
going to go on that sub-menu, with the exception of the Planning Committee, since
it’s just one of many CFR committees and can be found on the Internal/Committees
page, and Goals and Objectives (see below). The Visiting Committee will remain
because it is more visible to the public and has somewhat more importance than
internal committees.
-Diversity will be added to the About navigation menu and redesigned.
-People will be deleted, since there will be separate links to Faculty, Staff, and
-Dean’s Office and Dean’s Message will remain separate items, but the Message
needs to be revised. The recommendation of the Committee to the Dean will be to
update it annually every January.
-The content of the current About page (mission, vision, goals & objectives, etc.) will
be moved to an Intranet page, since it relates mostly to faculty and staff.
7. We discussed the Centers and Programs page again, and agreed that “Centers”
should be defined as within the UW and have their own budgets, and all other
programs (for example, Rare Care and the Restoration Ecology Network) within CFR
should be considered “Programs.” The revised page will reflect these distinctions by
showing separate lists of links for Centers and Programs.
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CFR Web Advisory Committee Minutes
January 15, 2008
8. We agreed that we are close to the end of the design phase. Jon will revise the
specifications document to reflect the above changes, as well as others identified at
the January 8 meeting. This will be the final draft, which he will send to John Linse
of UW Publications Services. The plan is to have John produce one more prototype
PDF document for the Committee to review, and then (after any last-minute
adjustments) send the design specs to Brian Vogt of UWPS to create a “Wire Frame
Site Prototype” to let faculty, staff, and students review and provide feedback before
proceeding with full-scale development. The Wire Frame Site Prototype is defined in
the UWPS proposal as follows: “This simple collection of pages will reflect client’s
site reorganization, but without design or actual content. This is primarily a way to
have a clickable mockup of the site structure to use in evaluating efficacy of site
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 10-11 AM, Anderson 107A
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