CFR Web Advisory Committee Minutes July 22, 2008

CFR Web Advisory Committee Minutes
July 22, 2008
Attending: Davis, Diemer, Moskal, Paul, Piccola, Trudeau, West
Absent: Morrison, Mehlin
1. The minutes from 6/17 were approved.
2. Alice reported that the progress of transferring static content was moving along steadily, but a
little slower than expected. The new styles need to be added to the old content, but there is a lot
of code that needs to be cleaned up. Also, the template for the new site was missing some details
and had a few mistakes that she had to fix. She mentioned that the “About the College” section
was complete and ready to be reviewed.
3. Jon reported on the progress of the Faculty and Staff databases stating that that they are
coming along, but there are minor problems that need solving. He will be moving on to other
ASP.NET pages soon.
4. Alice reported that Trumba was now a live example with real events on the new website. She
will send out links after the meeting for everyone to review. She asked that everyone send
comments about appearance and usability.
5. Monika asked if it would be possible to access the website away from campus so that she
doesn’t have to take time away from other things to view the site. Alice said she would talk to
Brad and set something up.
6. Cecilia offered to help Alice go through the CFR Tools section and remove or replace a lot of
the content. Cecilia also mentioned that deep archives for files don’t need to be online mostly.
The computing section of CFR Tools is one of the more complicated sections of the site for
transferring. Jon will be working with Brad to find out what information is most important.
7. Regarding the future of the committee, Jon reminded us that we needed to find student
replacements for Jim Lutz and Josh Hegarty. Also, Tracy has informed Jon that she is resigning
from the committee. We discussed how often the committee should meet. Jon suggested
meetings every month. Michelle suggested having more meetings at the beginning of each year
(fall quarter) to get feedback from students. Amanda suggested quarterly meetings or as things
come up to the committee’s attention. As a final, unofficial decision, Jon said that quarterly
meetings would most likely suffice, but we should decide as things progress.
8. Steve talked about shrinking the committee. After suggestions from just about everyone, we all
agreed on a size of about 8 people. This would include someone from student services, 2 faculty
members, 2 students, Cecilia, Jon and Alice.
9. We discussed student/club websites. Cecilia wants to tell students that they need to keep their
sites updated for us to keep the link on the CFR site. Amanda volunteered to monitor and put
pressure on students to keep their site up to date. Steve suggested that since the presidents
change from year to year that we send out a list every fall that tells them what they need to do in
order to keep a link on our site.
NEXT MEETING: August 19 at 2pm in Anderson 107D