TOP 10 TIPS Develop an effective & dynamic oral presentation!

Develop an effective &
dynamic oral presentation!
1. This is the first time your audience will hear your
information; you need to convey the same enthusiasm you had when you first worked with it.
2. Have a person unfamiliar with your content read
or listen to your presentation to make sure it is understandable to somebody who is not familiar
with your topic. Your audience will be diverse.
3. If you are using notecards, use keywords or a
speaking outline to remind you of main points.
Number the cards to keep them in order.
4. If you are using a manuscript, use plastic sheet
protectors for each page, and put them in a nice
binder. Print the pages using a large font so it will
be easier to read.
5. Mark the points you’d really like to emphasize so
you remember to change your tone or your pace.
6. Remember, your audience wants you to do a good
job and is looking forward to hearing you; think
about that before you start.
7. Start out with a smile and look at the audience
before you say your first word.
8. Know your first sentence and if you feel yourself
getting nervous, find the friendliest face in the
audience and focus on that person. It will make you
feel better.
9. Say your last sentence with conviction, so everybody
knows you are really finished.
10. Keep breathing! It will help you feel calmer and enjoy the experience.
Remember, practice and time your presentation to
determine if it falls within a 10-minute timeframe.
for YOUR oral presentation:
Thursday, March 31, 2016
10 a.m.- 3 p.m.
EMU Student Center
Increase your confidence
and feel more prepared!
Student participants may reserve a 20-minute
time slot to practice their oral presentation
in a Student Center room.
Space is limited
schedule with Wendy Kivi
487.3198, [email protected]
Please specify the equipment you would like to have
available during your rehearsal. We will try our best to
accommodate your needs during your practice.
This date does not work for you?
There is a rehearsal room at Halle, too! Check it
out at
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