Welcome Back Information for Re -

Welcome Back Information for
Re-Enrolling Students
Important steps to help re-enrolling students transition back to EMU
What is the first thing I should do after being re-enrolled?
If not already done, students need to set up and activate their my.emich account. To do this, please visit
my.emich.edu. Click on “How do I get my username and password?”. Click on “activate account”. EMU
business will be conducted, and communicated, via your my.emich account.
And Then…Schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor at any of the following Academic Advising centers on campus, depending on your major.
College of Arts & Sciences
College of Business
College of Education
120 Student Center
401 Gary Owen Building
206 Porter Building
College of Health and
College of Technology
University Advising & Career
Human Services
150 Sill Hall
Development Center (UACDC)
Everett Marshall Bldg
200 McKenny Hall
What has changed at EMU that could impact me?
Academic Calendar: EMU now has three full 15 week semesters-Fall, Winter and Summer. (In the past,
Summer was split into spring and summer semesters.) You may access registration deadline dates for each
semester at: www.emich.edu/registrar
Course Catalog: EMU policy continues to be that students graduate under catalog requirements no older
than seven (7) years at time of graduation. Students should review their program of study with an academic
advisor. The course catalog may be reviewed at:catalog.emich.edu
Ebills: Bills are no longer mailed to students. Bills are now accessed at www.ebill.emich.edu
General Education Requirements: New General Education requirements were implemented Fall 2007. If
you have any questions concerning past or current General Education requirements, meet with an advisor.
Students will not be able to graduate using the Old General Education Requirements after Summer 2014.
Probation/Dismissal: At the end of any term of enrollment, to be in good academic standing, a student
must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA AND Cumulative Completion Rate (CCR) of 67% or better.
(See emich.edu/registrar/faq for more information about CCR.) Students will be allowed one semester to
get off of probation, a change from the prior policy which allowed three semesters. In addition, academic
standing is now calculated after each semester—fall, winter and summer. If you have questions about your
academic standing, contact UACDC.
University Communication: All Eastern Michigan University business (academic status, financial aid status) will be communicated to the student via their my.emich email account and United States Postal Service.