Rubric for Assessment Committee Review of Programmatic Assessment Plans Revised 2/10/16

Rubric for Assessment Committee Review of Programmatic Assessment Plans
Revised 2/10/16
Student Outcomes
Student learning outcomes are not
Student learning outcomes are
defined but need refinement (too
broad, too specific, not
measurable, or not written in
terms of what students will know
and be able to do by the time of
Outcomes are written in terms of
what students will know or do, or
how they will act. When
applicable, they have been
mapped to the ABET criteria.
Benchmarks or performance
standards (which specify faculty
members’ expectations for the
proportion of students that have
achieved a certain level of
performance) have been
established for each outcome.
Outcomes are specific,
measureable, and relevant (which
requires a greater level of
specificity than the ABET-defined
outcomes.)The outcomes relate to
the skills, knowledge, and
behaviors that students acquire as
they progress through the
The plan does not include
a description of assessment
methods and/or a timeline for
ongoing implementation of
assessment activities.
Some methods of assessment
have been defined and
procedures for implementation, including a
timeline, are developed. There may not be a
clear relationship between the assessment
methods and the
student outcomes.
Assessment activities have
not been implemented.
There is no evidence that
the program is using
assessment results to
improve student learning.
There has been limited or
periodic implementation of
assessment methods to
assess some student
learning outcomes. There
may be an absence of
direct or indirect measures.
A cycle of direct and indirect assessment
measures is in place and procedures for
implementing these measures are defined. The
plan includes frequency, sample size, strategies
for recruiting students, rubrics for evaluating
papers/projects, and a plan for analyzing results.
Required courses should be the focus of the
assessment plan. The plan should include
descriptions of how these courses are assessed.
Implementation of some
assessment methods has
occurred, but there
may not be a variety of
indirect and direct
measures or multiple
measures of student
The relationship between
actions taken and
assessment results is
tentative, the faculty are
discussing ways to use
information, but have not
yet made adjustments, or
assessment results are not
consistently used as the
basis for discussions
related to curriculum,
student success, advising,
The faculty are beginning
to make and document
improvements to student
outcomes in response to
information gathered from
assessment activities.
Direct and indirect quantitative and qualitative
measures are defined for each student learning
outcome. Faculty measure achievement of all
outcomes by implementing multiple assessment
methods. The plan for implementing these
measures is manageable and sustainable.
Assessment measures are implemented at
various course levels and at various points of
time throughout the program. There is alignment
between the breadth/depth of the assessment
measure and the breadth of the outcome/
learning that students will demonstrate.
There is ongoing
of a variety of direct and
indirect quantitative and
qualitative measures.
These measures are
related to all of the student
outcomes. Multiple faculty
within the program take
ownership of the
Faculty have documented
improvements to student
learning, which are clearly
related to multiple
assessment methods.
There is ongoing
discussion and use of
assessment information for
the improvement of student
learning outcomes.