Open Grid Forum 22 Report (ID - 111) Ian Kelley

Open Grid Forum 22 Report (ID - 111)
Ian Kelley
School of Computer Science,
Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
14th March 2008
This GridNet2 report gives an overview of my activities at OGF22 in Boston, which
took place Feb 25 - 29, 2008. I participated in the following sessions:
• WFM-RG: Workow Sharing and Interoperability Session — The general session focused on the need for sharing workflows for scientific applications. There was an
interesting discussion on the responses to the questionnaire that was circulated before
the session asking for use-cases and practical guidelines for the sharing of workflows.
I participated in this discussion and asked some questions regarding the different application groups and the scope in which workflow-sharing was envisioned (between
application domains, or solely within, etc). There was a committee developed to take
the results of this questionnaire and write them up in an OGF document.
• Additional Sessions — I also attended several additional sessions throughout the
conference and had the opportunity to meet with GridSphere (and Vine) developer
Michael Russell (PSNC) who gave me a demonstration of the new work he is involved
in using Adobe Flex (Flash) to enable more interactive portal development (Web 2.0).
This was very interesting and I think some of this work can be used within the WHIP
project to enable the portal-side sharing of workflows. Flex also seemed to be an
potential technology for interactively building and visualizing workflows within a web
It was decided that the best meeting for the initial EDGeS BoF would be at OGF23
in Barcelona, as many EDGeS partners would not be attending OGF22 (OGF22 was quite
small, with only 240 participants). I expect to be attending OGF23 on non-GridNet2 funds
to pursue this aspect of my application.