iFiske.se - Image manager

iFiske.se - Image manager
iFiske.se is swedens largest reseller of environmentally friendly, digital fishing licenses for recreational fishing all
over the country.
Today, we lack a convenient way for end users to upload and manage image material. This could be pictures of
lakes or of your own catches. The interface should offer a way to batch upload several images of various popular
picture formats through your browser, get upload progress feedback. There should be a manager, to list, preview,
delete and edit images. There’s also a need for a image enhancement, cropping and scaling function, where the
user can select portions of the pictures and improve them (Did anyone ever get a straight horizontal line of the
skyline while sitting in a boat?).
Implementation in Javascript, PHP & MySQL on an Joomla CMS and Prototype JS Framework. . A stripped clone of
the server system will be handed over to the team, excluding the sensitive ecommerce data, etc. Continuous
support and feedback will also be provided.