Proceedings of 9th International Business and Social Science Research Conference

Proceedings of 9th International Business and Social Science Research Conference
6 - 8 January, 2014, Novotel World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE, ISBN: 978-1-922069-41-2
Internationalisation in Higher Education: Challenges to
Manage Knowledge
Amr Arisha
Internationalisation is currently an inseparable element of
education policy worldwide. In an era that is characterised by
globalisation – both as a theme and an agenda, it is inevitable
for any higher education institution or policy makers to deal
with the internationalisation process on various strategic and
operational levels. Given the fact that economic competition
has seen a significant shift into knowledge based economy,
higher education systems in particular started to look into
ways to increase their shares of the economic function related
to internationalisation. One of the key challenges that face
higher education institutions in their attempt to export higher
education services is the prior knowledge of the culture
barriers of the incoming students. This paper presents an
attempt to draw attention into the challenges faced by higher
education institutions with a particular interest in issues
related to the lack of knowledge capture systems when it
comes to International students. The proposed research only
outline elements of a framework that aims to explore issues
that international students usually face abroad due to crosscultural difficulties, language barriers, teaching style, lack of
support and learning experience. The preliminary study will be
only focus primarily on business students and can be
Dr. Amr Arisha, Head of Department of International Business,3S Group Director, College of
Business, DIT, Aungier Street, Dublin2, Ireland, t. +353 1 4023197, Email: [email protected]