Proceedings of 3rd Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference

Proceedings of 3rd Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference
25 - 26 February 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ISBN: 978-1-922069-19-1
Organizational Commitment and Individual Performance:
Role of Spirituality at Work
Mohamed Fares Brini*, Zeineb Ammar-Mamlouk** and Jean-Yves
Although organizational commitment has occupied an important
place in the management science research, its relationship with the
individual performance is still a relevant area of research, especially
given the various organizational changes (restructuring, work
intensification, work stress, etc.). An Empirical research conducted
on a sample of 39 Tunisian individuals revealed that affective
performance, which confirms the empirical results of previous
research. But in parallel, spirituality at work can contribute to the
improvement of the relationship, through factors such as the
interconnection, empathy and mutual trust, described as "conditions
for community" which affect more visibly individual performance,
particularly in the case of "sportsmanship", which reduces the
"constant tension between the business requirements and those of
*Mohamed fares Brini, Department of Management, LARIME, University of Tunis, Tunisia, Email:
**Pr. Zeineb Ammar-Mamlouk, University of Tunis, Tunisia, Email:
***Pr. Jean-Yves Duyck, University La Rochelle, France, Email,