Proceedings of 3rd European Business Research Conference

Proceedings of 3rd European Business Research Conference
4 - 5 September 2014, Sheraton Roma, Rome, Italy ISBN: 978-1-922069-59-7
Methods of Coping with "Job Stress" in Multinational
Irina Misoc
Since the development of the knowledge-based society, in the modern organizations,
the managers are dealing with a new problem: the job stress. More than ever, large
number of employees are affected by this type of stress, which affects their
The main objective of this article is to come up with new methods of coping with
stress in service-based organizations, in order to improve employees' performances.
In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to define the concept of job stress.
Secondly, the stress-generating factors and their effects will be analyzed. Next, the
tools and methods used for measuring stress are also analyzed.
In a service-based organization, the employees' general level of stress will be
estimated. All employees in the reserch pool work on a tourism project. The
instrument used for collecting data was a stress questionaire developed by the
Last step consists in the implementation of new measures for reducing stress, and
the eficacy of the measures is evaluated for the organization.
Thus, the corrective action can have measurable outcomes, and promote the
measures developed on a larger scale. in order to improve the employees'
Dr. Irina Misoc, Department of Business Administration, The Bucharest Academy of Economic
Studies, Bucharest, Romania, Email: