ADDENDUM NO. 1 Charlotte Douglas International Airport Addendum # 1 dated 6/29/2015

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Airport Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan
Addendum # 1 dated 6/29/2015
This Addendum is hereby made a part of the contract documents and specifications of the above
referenced project. All other requirements of the original plans and specification shall remain in effect in
their respective order. Acknowledge receipt of this addendum by inserting its number and date on the
cover page of your proposal.
General Items
CLT may request additional studies and/or design services as deemed necessary once the
Consultant has been selected for the project.
Proposers shall provide in the RFQ, experience and the resources to provide the following
services. Examples of potential additional services could include, but not limited to:
Provide wayfinding services for the ongoing renovation and expansion projects and other
construction projects associated with the CLT Master Plan
• Provide services as “staff extension” as necessary to support through the temporary
signage needs and to provide temporary signage to facilitate ongoing construction
• Provide EGD (Environmental Graphic Design) services associated with renovation or
modification projects to existing spaces and, where appropriate, in tenant areas (such as
airline ticketing and hold room areas) where either base building or tenant branding
signage may also require alteration. This scope could include minor alterations to
existing walls, ceilings, floors and associated engineering services such as
structural, electrical and technology.
End of Addendum # 1
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