Erratum: Direct calculation of the orientational ... function of partially ordered ensembles from ...

Erratum: Direct calculation of the orientational distribution
function of partially ordered ensembles from the EPR line
[J. Chem. Phys. 71, 358 (1979)]
Richard Friesner, John A. Nairn, and Kenneth Sauer
Department of Chemistry and Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
University of California. Berkeley. California 94720
(1) Page 360, Sec. II B, third line of text should read: "where B' and cf>' specify the orientation of Ho in the intermediate axis system, and then construct D(B, cf» for the principal magnetic axis system .... "
(2) Both D(B, cf» and :O(B, cf» appear in the paper, and they are equivalent.
(3) In Figs. 2 and 3 and their captions, the quantities D(B') or :O(B') should all be replaced by D'(e').
Erratum: Physical cluster theory of point defect
interactions. II. Application to AgCI doped with CdCI 2
[J. Chem. Phys. 59, 2550 (1973)]
A. R. Allnatt and E. Loftus
Department of Chemistry. University of Western Ontario. London. Ontario N6A 5B7. Canada
(1) The calculations were made using /Ca as a measure
of concentration and all results are correctly stated in
terms of /Ca e. g. p as a function of /Ca in Figs. 1-5.
The conversion from /Ca to concentration, c, given in
these figures is incorrect. At any /Ca the value of c
read from the graph should be replaced by c/Ca. The
same applies to Sec. VI and the abstract; the concentration quoted in both these places as 7x 10- 3 should therefore be replaced by 2.8xlO-3 • However, a careful
examination of the figure from which this number is
estimated suggests it should be reduced slightly to
2 x 10- 3 • With these changes the paper and its conclusions can be read unchanged. This error does not occur in later publications using this method.
J. Chem. Phys. 71(12),15 Dec. 1979
(2) In the calculations of p from the Teltow-Lidiard
theory, denoted by L and LE in the figures, the value
R o =..f2a was used in Eq. (3.21) instead of the correct
value RQ = 2a stated in the text. This error is negligible
except at the highest concentrations shown where the p
values are slightly too small. This is insufficient to
alter any conclusions.
(3) Two transcription errors were: (0 in Table II the
value of 2J322 for 0.45-'" y -'" 0.75 should be exp(0.170490y
+ 0.119726) -1.137. (ii) The last term of the integrand
of Eq. (4.12) should be multiplied by ~ to become X:x~ (1
_ 0(1») i/1T 3•
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