HUB-Robeson Center Advisory Board 9/26/2013 Meeting Minutes

HUB-Robeson Center Advisory Board
9/26/2013 Meeting
Attendees: Heide Port, Mary Edgington, Keiwana Jones, Cortlyn Hagman, Carlos Wiley, Rich
Daly, Kristen Wong, Ed Sidwell, Antwain Hunter, Careen Yarnal, Pam Watters, Katie Tully,
Armani Beck, Sophia Barrios
Call to Order – Mary Edgington
Welcome –
Rich Daly, Chair of the HUB-Robeson Center Advisory Board, welcomed everyone to the
meeting. Introductions were made due to some new members attending the meeting.
Comments from the Public –
Approval of the Minutes –
A motion to accept the minutes from 4/22/2013 was made by Cortlyn Hagman and a second was
made by Ed Sidwell.
Old Business New Business –
1. Create committee for At-Large member position review – Heide will send the
information out on the Advisor’s listserv to gain more interest. Cortlyn, Katie and
Kristen have agreed to sit on this committee for 2013/2014. The committee will review,
interview if necessary, and recommend to the Board the names of the At-Large members
for this year.
Update from the PRCC –
 The PRCC had a very busy summer.
 They hired Willie West as the new Program Director. There are two new Graduate
Assistants in the PRCC.
 There has been a lot of foot traffic due to the ongoing construction which has also
produced some confusion.
 The first Learning Circle was Thursday night (9/26).
 There is an Open Forum on 10/3. It is titled “Unpacking your Backpack of Power and
Update from USA –
 Construction on the HUB began over the summer. Very busy with this process.
 The New Student Orientation went to a day and a half this summer and the building was
much busier than normal. There were a lot of people in the building throughout the
 USA is now managing Schwab Auditorium. Renovations are in full swing and the
facility will reopen on October 5. There were a lot of maintenance issues that were
ignored over the last few years so the project has involved much more than originally
planned. This project will be fully completed next summer. A new manager was hired.
His name is Michael Blake. He comes to us with a stage and theatrical background and
has been outstanding thus far.
 The Color Run is on Sunday. There are currently 10,000 people signed up.
 The HUB Groundbreaking was a success. Many people showed up to learn what is going
on and were impressed with the news of the project and the renderings.
Mary gave every member of the board a copy of the constitution. She asked everyone to read it
and come back prepared to make suggestions for changes at the next meeting.
The Plaque Committee worked on a new policy last year and it is complete. There is now a
process for folks to follow if they want to add plaques to the building. USA sent some old
plaques to the archives and the plaque wall has been updated and redesigned.
Four years ago, new computers were purchased as part of a collaboration with SAIT. Each
student office was given a computer and it was maintained by SAIT and ITS as part of the
computer lab program (software). These machines are now getting old and some are
malfunctioning. They are reaching end of life. We would like to survey the groups in the HUB
student org offices to see if they are using the machines and for what purpose. A Board
committee will be created to discuss this so please consider serving on this committee.
Mary gave a presentation on the HUB Expansion.
Mary will begin to share the FLASH Report with the board which is sent via email every Friday
The Board can participate in a hard hat tour of the construction areas at some point in the future.
Let Mary know if you are interested.
The next meeting will be held on a Thursday at 10 a.m. We will try to find another day in the
afternoon for future meetings so all members can attend at least some of the meetings.
Meeting was adjourned.