HUB-Robeson Center Advisory Board 11/8/11 Meeting Minutes

HUB-Robeson Center Advisory Board
11/8/11 Meeting
Call to Order – Mary Edgington
Attendees: Mary Edgington, Heide Port, Ed Sidwell, Susan LeGalley, Carlos Wiley, Ariel
Coronel, Nia Spicer, Tyler Doppelheuer, Priya Amin, Kristen Wong, Rich Daly, Ben Hickerson,
Nadine Abulaban, Jon Lozano,
Welcome –
Ariel Coronel welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were done.
Approval of the Minutes –
A motion was made by Tyler to approve the minutes from the meeting on October 5th and a
second was made by Rich.
Comments from the Public –
There were no comments from the gallery.
Old BusinessSpace Allocation Committee – The committee has met and will begin the process of reviewing
student organization space according to the criteria set by the previous committees. Mary shared
that the committee has started visiting the offices to verify that office hours are posted and that
people are utilizing their space appropriately. They are seeing that a lot of groups do not have
office hours posted. The committee will be holding people accountable. Please respond to Ali
when she contacts you so that this committee can proceed forward. This committee is very
important so please get back to her. The application will be available for space at the end of
January. This year we are seeing more groups asking for space because they had mandatory
meetings that they were required to attend and learned about office space .
TV Channel Selection Committee – Mary shared that the recommendations from this committee
and board have been approved for the channel changes and will be implemented in January. The
only change that cannot be made is the adding of the cinema channel.
New Business –
Plaque/Trophy Case Policy Committee – Jon shared that the committee met and did a walk thru.
There are plaques and things around the building and they have created 3 standards that they will
1. Student leadership
2. Recently awarded
3. Memorials
Mary stated that with the expansion, things are going to be very new and that some of the
plaques and awards are very old looking. These should be discussed.
Next Meeting –
Heide will set up a doodle after the holidays for the next meeting.
The next meeting will be held in 16 PRCC and then the following meeting in 330 HUB.
Open Discussion Period Tyler shared that during tours, they are sharing more information about the PRCC and they are
getting some very good questions.
HUB Expansion – Mary shared that she has met with the architects three times now. They are
listening and starting to pull some designs together. Chad and Mary met with all the vendors in
the building to bring them up to speed. Next week they will be meeting again to nail down some
ideas. The architects will meet with the USA staff in January. They will come back to this
group in the future. They are working now to narrow down the exact size of the expansion.
They hope to begin construction in 2013 and complete construction in 2014.
The HHD construction project will include a renovation of our patio. They are adding some
power and data connections and connecting the patio to the HHD piece.
After both of these projects are done, they will re-seed the lawn.
There is still one big question to be answered. Will the bookstore need to be moved and operate
somewhere else during construction.
Verizon will open tomorrow. USA has been working with them for over a year. This is very
Burger King opens the first day of classes in the spring. It will be replacing Nathan’s. They will
sport the new BK logo. It will be the first in the country.
With the expansion, they are looking to add three new food concepts.
There were some various discussions about food options.
The meeting was adjourned after no additional discussion.