2013 Lecture

2013 Lecture
The Levine Lecture will be given by Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor of
Public and Environmental Affairs James L. Perry of Indiana University-Bloomington. He is
also World Class Distinguished University Professor at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. His
lecture is entitled, “Public Service Motivation: An Antidote for Human Resource Erosion,
Cutbacks, and Retrenchment.” Professor Perry offers this brief description of his lecture:
“During the last decade of his life, Charles Levine chronicled the strategies, effects, and paradoxes
of cutbacks in public organizations. The lecture will revisit some of the concerns Levine expressed
about the effects of cutbacks on public organizations, particularly human resource erosion. The
potentially debilitating effects of cutbacks will be examined in light of what we are learning about
behavior from research related to public service motivation, which has burgeoned since Levine’s
groundbreaking research.”