Introduction to International Relations Research Poster Session April 20, 2011 SIS Atrium

Introduction to International Relations Research Poster Session
April 20, 2011
SIS Atrium
Session 1 (Culture, Development, and Political Change): 4:30-5:15 p.m.
Hanna Barker. “Friend and/or Foe: Political Implications of Civil Anti-Americanism in South Korea.”
Symphony Chau. “Human Trafficking in Cambodia and Moldova.”
Rowland Coleman. “US Incarceration Rates: A Question of Individualism.”
Andrew Feierman. “Exploring the Link between Social Development and Mega-events in Developing Countries.”
Rachel Howard. “Reproductive Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Factors Inhibiting Access.”
Jared Hutchins. “The Rationale of Rejection: GMO Policy in Southern Africa.”
Leigh Maltby. “Testing and Found Wanting: A Quantitative Analysis of Legal Integration in the 2004 EU
Enlargement Member States.”
Travis McKay-Roberts. “A Dangerous Business: Controlling the Spread of Small Arms in a Flat World.”
Ami Patel. “State Power and its Relationship to the Reacquisition of Cultural Artifacts.”
Adam Roenfeldt. “The Sociology of IR Academics in Asia and the United States.”
Rick Say. “IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Movement and Emergency Shelters in Haiti.”
Grayson Scogin. “Islam and Democracy.”
Mika Tobe. “The No-war Clause of Japan's Constitution: Gaining Worldwide Legitimacy.”
Willem van der Mei. “Human Development and Structural Adjustment Development Programs: An Assessment of
Factors Contributing to Success.”
Ryan Youra. “A Land Based-Problem?: Examining the Affinity Between Communities and Piracy.”
Reception 5:15-5:30 p.m.
Session 2 (Conflict and Inequality): 5:30-6:15 p.m.
Alex Adamczyk. “Hegemony and Conflict: An Alternative to Democratic Peace Theory.”
Sam Ballingrud. “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Domestic Radicalization.”
Ana Baltierra. “Mohammed Bouazizi: The Human Spark that Ignited the Tunisian Revolution of 2011.”
Alissa Berdahl. “Israel and Egypt: 1973-1979.”
Maura Farrell. “Made for Trade: India, Regionalism, and Global Commerce.”
Daniel Feeman. “Working Dogs Effect on Combat Stress Injury.”
Kristen Fraley. “Truth-telling After Apartheid: Success or Failure? A Media Analysis.”
Sabina Gasimova. “The mountainous Black Garden on fire.”
Mack Harris. “Structural Factors in the Egypt-Israeli Peace Process.”
Ivy Johnson. “Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Turkey.”
Carly Jones. “New Wars in West Africa: The Questionable Criticality of Identity Politics.”
Brandy Pech. “Inequality in Africa: Geography and Gender Inequality.”
Tish Russel. “The Effects of Security Crises on the Intelligence Community.”
Aaron Turk. “Increased Military Spending in China: What in the World Are They Thinking?”
Elizabeth Wilke. “Bystanders to Genocide: The Cases of Rwanda & Cambodia.”
Marie Zoglo. “CIA Intervention in the UK: A Violation of the Democratic Peace.”