2012 STS Research Day 

Department of Science and Technology Studies 2012 STS Research Day Thursday, 31 May Wilkins Building. South Wing. 1st floor. Garwood Lecture Theatre Programme 10am WELCOME 10.15am Geoff Cantor, ‘Interpreting the Great Exhibition of 1851: Problems and Perspectives’ 10.35am Irena McCabe, ‘The atmospheric science of John Tyndall FRS (1820‐1893)’. 10.55am SHORT PhD PRESENTATIONS (Tona, Hsiang‐Fu, and others TBC) 11.10am COFFEE 11.30am Georgina Voss and Simon Lock, ‘Sexual Natures? (Re)presenting Sexuality and Science in the Museum’ 11.50am Paul Merchant, 'Being female in the post‐war Earth sciences' 12.20 LUNCH 2pm Mat Paskins, ‘Cultures (and manures) of Public Useful Knowledge: the Case of Tree Plantation’. 2.20pm Hugh Mackenzie, ‘Late‐Plato's Atoms: Causes of Contention’ 2.40pm Christine Aicardi, ‘Francis Crick, gardener of interdisciplinary landscapes’ 3pm TEA 3.20pm Mahlet (Milly) Zimeta, ‘Science and Social Progress’ 3.40pm Karen Bultitude, ‘The international comparison of national strategies for science communication’ 3.00pm Tim Boon, ‘Establishing the dominant style for Television Science: Horizon in the 1960s’ 4.20pm Short film (10mins): John Maynard Smith from the unused 1963 pilot episode of Horizon 4.30pm GENERAL DISCUSSION OF RESEARCH 5pm FINISH 5:30pm Book launch Brian Balmer’s book launch party for his new monograph 'Secrecy and Science' will take place at the end of the STS Research Day on May 31st (Terrace Restaurant, Wilkins Building, UCL from 5.30pm) and everyone attending the Research Day is welcome to come. If you are 2012 STS Research Day 26 May 2012 able to come to the book launch please RSVP to Alasdair Tatam (a.tatam@ucl.ac.uk). UCL students and staff can access Brian’s book online free via tinyurl.com/balmer2012. 2