Interview Preparation Checklist Schedule appointment for fresh eyes and Center, 920-693-1706.

Interview Preparation Checklist
One important key to success is self-confidence. An important
key to self-confidence is preparation. –Arthur Ashe
 Schedule appointment for fresh eyes and
rehearsal. Call the LTC Career Placement
Center, 920-693-1706.
Appt Date/Time: _________________________
 Do your homework. Research your
future employer’s mission, vision,
values, products/services.
 Take inventory. Complete a self-assessment so
you can articulate your strengths, experiences,
and accomplishments.
 Confirm your references. Update your
references on your job search progress.
 Know where you’re going. Arrive at
least 15 minutes early.
Interview Location:
Date/Time: _____________________________
 Dress for success (and to impress).
Be neat and crisp and bring along
copies of your resume. Don’t forget
your smile and manners.
 Calm your nerves with confidence.
Take a deep breath and repeat “I am ready and
I can do this.”
 Shine and stand out. It’s your time to market
yourself to your future employer and express
your passion. Ask thoughtful questions.
 Follow up with a thank you. Include gratitude,
commitment, and action.
Professional, Authentic, Confident, Knowledge
The LTC Career Placement Center is located next to the
Bookstore in the Lakeshore Building.