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p ogram internsship should pro
ovide studentss with the means to apply aacademic princciples to real‐
Absstract: The Silicon Valley Pro
worrld corporate challenges in a structured setting. s
ns work in maarketing, data analytics, com
mpetitive intellligence, user exp
perience, even
nt managemen
nt, web development, finan
ncial analysis,, product deveelopment, human resourcees, and other corp
porate functio
ons. They mayy feature signiificant quantittative and anaalytical duties.. All internsh
hips must provvide students with the types of experiences that would be aafforded to eaarly‐career pro
ofessional stafff. ulum. During tthe internship engagement, Thee Silicon Valley Program interrnship is an inttegral part of tthe intern’s acaademic curricu
the student will participate p
in two t
seminar courses c
and will w write an inddependent ressearch paper o
on a topic of tthe students’ pon their intern
nship. partticular interestt and based up
ME COMMITMEENT REVIEW Inteerns will comm
mit a maximum
m of 40 hours per week for thee duration of th
he semester, usually 14 – 16 weeks. A forrmal final revieew will be arranged by the Siilicon Valley Proggram director. The primary m
manager will taake part in this review, and wiill collaborate on the intern’ss final grade. DUTTIES COM
MPENSATION Inteern duties will vvary by compaany and assignm
ment. The exp
pectation is thaat interns will u
undertake projects that early‐career assocciates might be
e assigned. Pro
ojects could include data analyysis, market research, financial analysis, finaancial reportingg, project management functtions, etc. Interrnships may bee paid or unpaid, depending u
upon interrnship sponsor’s policies, bud
dget, and appliicable law. Beneefits, transportation, housingg, are possible fforms of comppensation. INTTERACTION RESEEARCH PAPER
A primary manage
er at the intern
nship sponsor llocation ould be assigne
ed, and will sup
pervise the dayy‐to‐day work sho
of the intern. Inte
erns should wo
ork with other team mbers on mutu
ually‐shared de
eliverables in o
order to be mem
posed to the co
orporate enviro
onment. The SSilicon Valley Program director will check in periodically with the primary nager and the intern during tthe semester tto assess man
progress. This iis an excellent opportunity fo
or the compan
ny to receive valuee‐add by suggeesting research
h that will mutu
ually benefit the ccompany and tthe student. Sttudents are insstructed not to usse corporate daata without the approval of tthe interrnship sponsor, and they will abide by all no
on‐disclosure orate host. agreeements in placce at the corpo
Thee Corporate Sponsor 
What’s in it For…
… The Inttern Exceptionallyy Talented Associate Ability to Askk & Answer Esssential Businesss Questions Opportunity to Complete TTime‐Consumin
ng Projects nkers Fast‐track intto a Pipeline of Talented Thin
Expposure to Key C
Corporate Chaallenges Ap plied Research
h Praactical Trainingg Inteeraction with A
Accomplished Business Leaders MATION FURRTHER INFORM
Pleaase see our we
ebsite at o
or contact Off‐Campus Studyy at 909‐621‐82267. 20
015‐16 Silicon
n Valley Prrogram Intternship G