– Part One Year Abroad Language Learning Action Plan

Year Abroad Language Learning Action Plan – Part One
As part of your ongoing language learning in the Year Abroad, you are
required to develop an Action Plan, in which you identify key areas for
progress especially in German grammar. This will accompany your
immersive experience of grammar in context during your time in Germany,
and is intended to give your language learning this year a clearly-defined
This is the schedule for this monitored programme of language research:
By the end of Warwick’s Week 10, 11th December, you need to have
completed at least five of the assessments on Hammer Grammar
online. Your responses and scores will be monitored.
By December 18th, you need to formulate an Action Plan for work on
topics or areas of grammar you will work on to improve, which you will
upload on Tabula. Use this template (the table will expand as you write,
and you can add rows if more than three areas are selected):
Grammar Area
weakness /
focus for work
Resources or
materials to be
There is now a web page dedicated to language-learning resources
which (alongside more basic grammar) focuses on the structures of
formal German such as you will encounter in official contexts in
Germany, and appear in academic and formal registers – notably in
your final year studies.
Use these materials and links alongside any other reference works and
sources to develop your understanding of, and confidence in the
German language.
There will be a second monitoring point (4 Mar 2016) at which you will
be required to identify and demonstrate progress in your chosen areas
for improvement.