Dr. Gegax is a Distinguished Achievement Professor in the Department... – where he has been employed since 1984 DOUG GEGAX, Ph.D.

Dr. Gegax is a Distinguished Achievement Professor in the Department of Economics and
Applied Statistics at New Mexico State University – where he has been employed since 1984
– and also serves as the Director of the nationally-recognized Center for Public Utilities. He
teaches graduate courses in utility regulation and econometrics as well as undergraduate
courses in introductory economics and statistics. Dr. Gegax has over 25 years of extensive
experience in the areas of revenue requirements, cost-of-service analysis and rate design as
well as integrated resource planning, renewable energy & energy efficiency mandates and
electricity restructuring. Since 1998 he has provided expert written and oral testimony in rate,
energy efficiency and renewable energy proceedings on behalf of the New Mexico Attorney
General’s office, which represents the interests of residential and other small utility customers.
As Director of the Center for Public Utilities at New Mexico State University, Dr. Gegax
develops training courses for professional staff employed at utilities and federal and state
commissions. The Center for Public Utilities has been offering courses since 1978 and its
programs are endorsed by The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.