Course Units 2006-2007 Minutes Course Unit Teaching Committee Meeting



Course Units 2006-2007


Course Unit Teaching Committee Meeting

Wednesday 20 September 2006 14:50 – 16:30 Language Centre room 131 Chaired by Dr Christine Hoffmann and Adam Salisbury


Marie-Laure Aris Anja Boeing Sara Bragadina Roberto D’Onofrio Juan Fernández Diego Flores-Jaime María-Teresa Forteza-Rey


: Yoko Aldous, Sylvie Batlle. Claudia Geithner Fernando Gracia Garcia Dr. So Hiranuma Dr. Christine Hoffman Mireille Michel Petra Millard Marc-Georges Nowicki Catherine Plant Jenny Rodgers Adam Salisbury Ariane Smart Chizuko Seki Zdrzalka Cristina Testi.

1 . Preparation for Registration period (26 September – 06 October)

Christine Hoffmann explained what will happen during the Course Units registration / orientation period:

Class timetabling sessions:

• These will take place by language each day: French – Thursday 28 September; German – Wednesday 04 October; Italian – Tuesday 03 October; Japanese – Monday 02 October; Spanish – Friday 29 September; There will be extra slots available on Thursday 05 October if necessary; Academic Purposes and Professional Purposes classes will be timetabled separately; • • • As in previous years some classes for French, Italian and Spanish will be pre-scheduled once these are full students must be told to come to timetabling sessions;

Distributing Course Unit information:

• All tutors should assist in distributing registration information to Departments this week; we must emphasise the fact that, despite Portico, students still need to come to Language Centre as we will not give Teaching Department approval on Portico until they have done so – we will still use our Course Unit registration forms.

2. Academic Year 2006 – 2007

New Academic Purposes Courses; the following points were highlighted to all: • students cannot take a Level 3 (C) Course unit and then the Academic Purposes Course Unit Teaching Committee Meeting 11 September 2006

• • • Introduction course (equivalent to Level 3) – they should move up to Level 4 (D); students cannot take Level 3 (C) and the Academic Purposes Introduction course at the same time; if a student took the Professional Purposes course last year they can now take Academic Purposes (0.5 or 1.0 unit) as the course contents are different; students can study Academic Purposes and Professional Purposes as a 0.5 unit at the same time;

Pass Mark:

• • • the pass mark for all students is 40%; there is the option of Referred Assessment (for students whose mark falls between 35-39%) again based on the final mark and depending on year of study;


Regarding students’ Projects, we hope to use Plagiarism Detection Software during the next Academic year – once this happens it will be clearly included in the Project Guidelines;


Conversation classes – we should monitor students progress to see if we need to offer these; • Language Exchange – we will offer another Exchange for this year as it was a success last year, but we should try to involve English (U.K) students.



Any other business

Staff Lockers – some tutors have found that they no longer have a locker, it has been used for summer staff; Chrisitine will look into this; lockers for Evening Course staff are used for summertime tutors but pigeonholes always remain the same. Course Unit Teaching Committee Meeting 11 September 2006

Course Unit Teaching Committee Meeting 11 September 2006

Course Unit Teaching Committee Meeting 11 September 2006