M.A. Students Research 2006-2007




M.A. Students Research


Emanuel, Pulis: "Modern Diplomacy: Promoting Euro-Mediterranean Relations through Sport"

Fabian, Galea: "The Barcelona Process: An Analysis of the Security Aspects of the Process in

Relation to the Euro-Mediterranean Area”

George, Galea: "The Saddam Hussein Trial: An International Law Perspective”

Josette, Bajada: "The Wave of Islamaphobia in a Post 9/11 Europe”

Kurt, Vella Fonde’: "The European Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood Policy in the Light of the European People’s Party Proposals

Dana, Kotasova: "Potential Ways of Cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Three

Maghreb States – Algeria, Morocco & Tunisia”

Edward, Vernon: "Libya’s Reintegration into the family of nations: developments in external relations since 2001”

Marie Claire, Testa: "EU-Algerian Relations: The Energy Policy "

Marissa Angela, Busutill: "Islamic Political Thought and its implications on an Islamic State

Foreign Policy

Mathea Karla, Gauci: "The United Nations Millennium Development Goals: A Tangible Target or a Moving Goalpost? The Case of Poverty & Education is Sub-Saharan Africa

Nadia, Petroni: "The Impact of Migration on the Italian Economy"

Correspondence Address: Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080 MALTA

Rachel Mamo: "Political Reforms in the Arab World – A Response to Internal or External Pressures?

The Case of Egypt and Jordan"

Roberta, Buhagiar: " The Principle of Non-Refoulement in International Refugee Law "

Ryan, Borg: "The Human Cost of Communism: From Lenin to Stalin and the Consequences of


Spyridoula-Ionna, Zochiou: "The Role of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean"

Stephen, Camilleri: "A Flag State Perspective of International Maritime Environmental Treaty

Law: Helped or Hindered by Development of Community Law?"

Victoria, Vella: "Democratic Reforms in Morocco: Success or Failure?”