Philosophical works Books Linguaggio e Azione: saggio su J.L. Austin

Philosophical works
Linguaggio e Azione: saggio su J.L. Austin (Vita e Pensiero, Milan, 1981).
Actions and Speech Actions in the Philosophy of J.L. Austin (Mireva, Malta, 1991).
Interfaces: essays in Philosophy and bordering areas in honour of Peter Serracino Inglott (co-editor
and contributor, University of Malta, 1997).
In-Nisga tal-Hsieb (The Weave of Thought), Vol. 1 (Media Centre, Malta, 2000); Vol. 2 (Media
Centre 2007).
Chapters in books
'Il rapporto tra attore e personaggio', in Stefano Milioto ed., Studi Pirandelliani a Malta, Palumbo,
Palermo, 1985, 33-37.
'Jodie and Mary: Some moral cosiderations', in L.J. German ed., Controversies over the Separation
of Jodie and Mary, the Maltese Siamese Twins, Progress Press, Malta, 2006, 31-44.
'Language and Translation', Preface to Laurent Seychell, La Traduction Professionelle aux
Multiples Visages, L. Seychell, Malta, 2008, 5-8.
“Philosophy Today”, The Malta Year Book (ed. Bro. H. Clews), Malta, De La Salle Brothers, 1977,
“J.L. Austin on Excuses: Some Consequences for Ethics”, Melita Theologica, Malta XXXVI, 1
(1985), 84-87.
“Intention and the Explanation of Human Actions”, Melita Theologica, Malta, XXXVII, 2 (1986), 18.
“Actions: Tokens and Kinds”, Melita Theologica, Malta, XXXVII, 1 (1987) 19-22.
“Actions and Bodily Movements”, Melita Theologica, Malta, XXXVIII, 2 (1987), 88-93.
“Meaning and Speaker’s Intentions”, Melita Theologica, Malta, XLII, 2 (1991), 111-122.
“Hobbes, Sartre u L-Ewwel Jien!”, Analizi, III, 4 (Marzu-April 1990), 10-11.
“Function and Form in Architecture”, Journal of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Malta, I, 1 (1991).
“The Individuation and Description of Actions: Austin’s problems, Davidson’s solutions”,
Epistemologia, XX (1997), pp.117-146.
“Tliet Problemi fil-Filosofija ta’ l-Arti”, in Daniel Massa ed., Dghajsa Karti, University of Malta,
“The Design of Prosperity: Beauty, Happiness and Hope”, The Boräs Summit on the Design of
Change and Innovation, Högskolan, Boräs University College, Sweden, 2006.
“Culture, the heart of a knowledge-based economy”, co-authored report on the strategic use of
culture in Europe, European Cultural Parliament publication, ECP Lisbon Agenda Group, Lisbon,
“Intercultural dialogue: challenges and opportunities”, co-authored report for the European Cultural
Parliament, ECP, Sibiu, 2007.
“Democracy, Culture and the Media”, co-authored report commissioned by the European Cultural
Parliament, ECP, Liverpool, 2008.
“Montale’s Metaphysics”, IABLIS, Jahrbuch für europäische Prozesse, 7, 2008.
“Objectivity, Evidence and Truth in History”, in L’architettura del sapere: epistemologia, scienza e
storia, Roma, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, 2008.
'Interpretation: Conflicting, Competing, Complementary', in Philosophical Inquiry, 31 (3-4), 27-38,
Summer-Fall 2009. ISSN 1105-235X.
‘J.L. Austin on Intention’, in Paradigmi – rivista di critica filosofica, XXIX – May – August 2011,
Franco Angeli ed., Milan, 2011, pp.89-100.