curriculum vitae:

Brief curriculum vitae: Dr Theresa Vella
Dr Theresa Vella is a Visiting Lecturer on Baroque Painting with the International Institute
of Baroque Studies, and an art historian with a research interest in the history of art
collecting and patronage as well as the art of landscape painting. Formerly Senior Curator
of Fine Arts with Heritage Malta, Theresa Vella is currently engaged as the museological
consultant for the Palace Regeneration Project. In 2007 she was a member of the Scientific
Committee for the exhibition Caravaggio and Masters of Realism in Malta, organized by
the Foundation of St John’s Co-Cathedral.
Between 2009 and 2012, she read for a PhD in History of Art at the University of Bristol,
having submitted her thesis on The paintings of the Order of St John in Malta: Hospitaller
Art Collections and Patronage from the late fifteenth century to the Eighteenth Century.
Her first degree, B.A. (Gen) with the Faculty of Arts, University of Malta, was in History
of Art and Communication Studies, graduating in 1994. She followed post-graduate studies
with the International Institute of Baroque Studies, and submitted her thesis on The
Baroque Landscape: Representations of Land between the sixteenth and seventeenth
centuries in 1999.
‘Virtuous Exchange: Art and Honour among Artist-Knights and Their Patrons in Early
Modern Europe’, at the 60th Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, New York,
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of Provence’, at St John’s Co-Cathedral, October 2013;
‘Piety and Ritual in the Magistral Palace of The Order of St John in Malta’, at the VIth
International Conference of The Military Orders, St John’s Gate, London, September 2013;
‘Art, Honour and Knighthood: Mattia Preti and his Patrons in Hospitaller Malta’, at the
Italian Cultural Institute, Valletta, June 2013;
‘Auctions and Acquisitions: Sourcing Art in early modern Malta’, for the Malta Historical
Society, April 2013;
‘Art collections and the fashioning of identity’ at the University of Bristol, History of Art
Dept, May 2012;
‘The Imaginative Geography of Hospitaller art collections’, at the University of Bristol
BIRTHA post-graduate conference on Imaginative Geographies: Travels of the Mind in
Early Modern Europe, September 2011;
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REMS, Renaissance and Early Modern Study Group Symposium, University of Bristol,
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