Student Events Checklist Office of Smith Programs and Events

Office of Smith Programs and Events
Student Events Checklist
Events Checklist
OSPE Services Overview
Before you contact the Office of Smith Programs and Events,
answer these questions:
What is your budget?
What FRS number is associated with this event?
Who is your target audience?
• How many quests do you anticipate?
• Do you need registration assistance?
What are the goals for your event?
What time/date of the week would be best for your event?
• You should have at least 2-3 dates of interest
Are there any major conflicts with other Smith School or UMD events?
What are your event support needs?
• See OSPE Services Overview
The Office of Smith Programs and Events provides strategic event
support to all departments, centers, faculty, staff and students of
the Smith School community. Please review the list of the services
available. We work to make sure your next event is a success!
Event Planning Meetings
Design and Decor Concepts
Room Reservations
Venue Selection
Online Registration
Hotel Accommodations
Vendor Coordination
Room Set-Up Needs
Guest and Speaker Gifts
IT/AV Set-Up Needs
Awards Creation
Catering Management
On-Site Event Management
Please use answers to thes questions to complete the online event request form on our website.
When submitted, please email to alert us. Once your event is approved, it will be assiged and you will be contacted by an event manager.
[email protected]
4570 Van Munching Hall
(301) 405-9420