Classified Senate Meeting Kansas State University Kansas State Union Room 213

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Classified Senate Meeting
Kansas State University
Kansas State Union Room 213
June 7, 2000
An unofficial meeting was called to order by Diana Dean, President. Not enough senators for a quorum.
I. Roll Call
In Attendance (13): S. Adams, D. Dean, C. Grice, G. Jackson, C. Kissee, M. Lewis, D. Rogers,
P. Schierer, F. Sperman, S. Taylor, A. Treinen, V. White, J. Yonning.
Absent (9): F. Ahlvers, P. Burnell, J. Chrest, M. Garner, V. Growchowski, L. Hutchins, R. Jones,
L. McCoy, R. Riffel.
II. Guest: Dr. Mordean Taylor-Archer, Sharon Morrow, and Bridget Steer spoke about the Diversity Campaign that will start
this fall.
III. Division of Human Resources, Gary Leitnaker:
A. Tuition Assistance information has been updated on the web. Also, need three classified employees to serve on the
committee to set guidelines for tuition assistance.
B. Gary congratulated the senators on a successful employee recognition ceremony.
IV. The official May 3, 2000, meeting minutes will be reviewed at the next meeting.
V. Budget Report, A. Treinen
A. Recognition Ceremony Account, current balance: $430.14
B. Foundation Account, current balance: $1,444.48
C. State Accountant, current balance: $129.11
VI. Standing Committee Reports
A. Codes & By-laws - A. Treinen: No report.
B. Education & Enrichment, S. Taylor: No report.
C. Election, G. Jackson: Senate elections will be in July. Ballots and election information will be
sent with the July newsletter.
D. Personnel/Benefits, C. Kissee: No. report.
E. Publicity, M. Garner: Newsletter will go out in July.
F. Recognition Ceremony, S. Adams: Waiting on Final bills. Sandi thanked everyone for their
help in getting all the awards to the recipients that did not attend.
VII. Campus Committee Reports
A. Recycling, M. Lewis: No report.
B. Peer Review, J. Yonning, and C. Kissee: No report.
C. Recreation Counsel, C. Kissee: No report.
D. Parking (Sub-committee of Planning & Development Infrastructure), C. Kissee: No report.
VIII. Old Business
A. Election of the Executive Council. Elections conducted through email before the next meeting.
D. Dean received the following nominations:
President: S. Taylor , A. Treinen
Vice President: S. Taylor, A. Treinen, V. White
Secretary: L. Hutchins, V. White, J. Yonning
Budget Coordinator: L. Hutchins, F. Sperman, V. White, J. Yonning, D. Rogers
IX. New Business
A. No new business.
X. Adjournment
The meeting was unofficially adjourned.
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7/16/2007 3:47 PM
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Submitted: Ann Marie Treinen, Interim Secretary
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7/16/2007 3:47 PM