How do specific memory disorders present in the school classroom?   Pediatric Rehabilitation 

How do specific memory disorders present in the school classroom?
Pediatric Rehabilitation Volume 8, Issue 4, October‐December 2005, Pages 272‐282 Authors: Hood, J. and Rankin, P.M.
Abstract Childhood memory disorders have received increasing empirical investigation over recent years and reviews of the dissociations within the developmental memory system are now available. However, there are few descriptions within the literature of children's consequent behavioural and learning difficulties within an educational context. This paper reviews the growing evidence that links specific memory disorders to academic skills and then provides clinical descriptions of the day‐to‐day behaviour and learning often observed following the identification of such children. It is anticipated that such descriptions will allow professionals to understand the range of consequences possible and alert health and educational staff to children at risk of suffering unidentified memory difficulties. A clinical description of the behavioural repertoire associated with different childhood memory disorders is also necessary to consider how professionals may design rehabilitative support