Management Information Service Completed work ITS MI Team composition

Management Information Service
Completed work
ITS MI Team composition
The MI team comprises three staff members including the service owner, since the last service board
the responsibilities of the latter has widened to include identity management which includes the
university directories membership and the interface with Microsoft who provide the University’s
eMail service.
The following developments have been completed since the last service board.
Strategy Project
Student 5 year
The absence reporting described at the last service board has been completed
and the HR team have deployed reports that report on staff absence
In addition the Warehouse data has been extended to incorporate information
on the HR REF performance management process. This data set is currently being
verified by HR.
The continuation of work on Project 1.3 to expand the range of data loaded into
the warehouse to include Research publications and Citations was discussed and
agreed at the Service Board.
A nightly extract of data from the repository underpinning the Warwick Research
Archive Portal (WRAP) has been incorporated into the Warehouse’s overnight
load schedule. The extract links all WRAP deposited research outputs to the
Warwick staff who authored or co-authored them. The data extract includes
citation activity using data feeds from Scopus and the REF rating of articles in
preparation for the 2014 REF.
The substantive element of work to load research publication and citation data
into the Warehouse is complete, some further smaller development may be
required as the data is further exploited.
The Transparency work, which provides a richer more detailed set of data on
student load has been completed and in conjunction with a reporting set will be
run in parallel in the 12/13 planning round.
The 12/13 planning round will also see the first deployment of the planning
model based on the Cognos TM1 tool, a replacement for the existing Cognos
Enterprise Planning model which has struggled to cope with the data volumes in
previous planning cycles.
Office reporting
The development of a set of reports for the International Office using application
data was agreed at the last service board, the reports are complete and the
International Office is using the reports.
The reports are based on existing applications data but have a greater emphasis
on the country of domicile or nationality of the applicants.
Space Reporting
The development of space dashboards was agreed at the last service board. The
Management Information Service
data set to facilitate reporting and analysis of the University space has been
completed and is being exploited by MI&P. The set draws in data from both the
QuMEIS application and the HR system.
Access control
The development of an access control data set was not discussed at the last
service board but was in response to request from the library for usage
information on library resources and the new Postgraduate Hub in Senate house.
Access control data from the Group 4, Honeywell and Library Sentry are
currently being loaded into the Warehouse and approximately 12 months of
historic data is available from the Warehouse.
Working list
The library are currently using data anonymised data from this data set to
analyse the usage of facilities by a number of key criteria e.g. level of study,
mode of attendance, staff/student, department, duration of stay etc.
This was not discussed at the last service board but was undertaken in response
to a request from SARO.
The development delivered a reporting framework comprising a data set and a
suite of reports drawing on the applications model. The data set differs from the
existing application data set in that it can be refreshed on demand during the day
rather than just overnight, and the reports are focused on the qualifications
achieved by applicants.
The reports are used to manage the making of offers to students to ensure that
the university remains within it's student number control by applying the HEFCE
rules to categorise students as AAB or in subsequent years ABB equivalent. If a
student meets these criteria they are not counted against the Student Number
A reporting framework comprising a data set and a dashboard used by the
Service Management group within ITS that uses data from the Service Desk
Calling Management System ( Service Now ) and the Human Resources Systems
(PSE) to provide key indicators on the IT issues and services requested raised by
new staff during the first 30 days of their employment
The application data was one of the first reporting modules undertaken by the
MI service, the redesigned model has significantly improved the usability of the
model by re-structuring the model and migrating all the historic data.
This will form the basis for any new application reporting.
An information set that characterises applicants, and subsequent enrolments by
the metrics in University's agreement with the Office of Fair Access (OFFA).
New starter IT
The MI&P team have developed reports over this data which are being
distributed to monitor the university achievement of it’s WP objectives.