Instructional Planning Yearly Update Date _____12-3-2013__________ Department ______Psychology_________

Instructional Planning Yearly Update
Date _____12-3-2013__________
Department ______Psychology_________
Division _____HASS________________
Goals and Recommendations from Program Plan
List the top five Goals and Recommendations from the last Program Plan and indicate whether they have been met?
Goals / Recommendations from six-year plan In progress
Goal Met
(source of funding)
Develop an Honors version of Psych 1.
Psych 1H was offered in Spring 2013.
Add a new 3-unit statistics course.
Psych 2A is being taught in Fall 2013.
Add a new “Lifespan Development” course.
The revised PSYCH 8 is being taught in Fall 2013.
Obtain software and PCs for the stats course.
Expand periodicals collection in library.
New Goals and Recommendations
List any new goals and recommendations identified by the department
Explanation/Evidence of Need
Add PSYCH 4L course as an optional lab for
$600 startup
Give students another lab alternative they can use for transfer to CSU;
students taking PSYCH 4 (Biological Psych).
plus $270/semester facilitate learning in PSYCH 4.
SLO Assessment Progress: In a sentence or two, describe where your department should be on the Revolving Wheel of Assessment (what
assessment you should have done in the last year) and what was actually done. If not every thing was completed, explain why.
We completed the course SLOs for six courses. The three remaining courses need the departmental review meeting.
We need to do more work on the Core 4.
Fill out the Assessment Results section below.
SLO Assessment Results: List SLO assessments, dialogues, and priorities identified as a result of your assessment below. Attach
Departmental Assessment Analysis Forms completed in the last two semesters.
Priorities identified for program as a result of assessment. Example:
Core Competency, Course
Date of meeting where
SLO, or CTE Program SLO analysis / dialogue took place. Develop strategies for teaching research and documentation skills; share
Assessed. Example: all course Example: Department Meeting rubrics for research papers; provide more instructional support outside of
SLOs for English 1A, 1B and 2 8/27/10
PSYCH 2B, 26, 35, 39, 6, 8
Dept Meeting 8/26/13
Discussed SLO procedure, reviewed prior work, set new goal for program.
Dept Meeting 11/22/13
Discussed findings related to course SLOs.