Network Courier

Network Courier
A service only CitySprint can deliver
We use our extensive network of
local service centres across the
country to deliver a service which is
flexible, reliable and secure,
ensuring that your consignment is
delivered the following day at a time
you specify.
Benefits of this service:
Why choose Network Courier?
When it is too late in the day to send it same day,
our Network Courier is a perfect solution for confidential,
fragile or time-sensitive shipments which are too important
for a traditional hub and spoke overnight service.
Security and reliability
CitySprint courier network handles entire delivery process
(no third parties)
Real-time online tracking of deliveries from collection to
Deliveries to named recipient on demand
Electronic Proof of Delivery, with recipient signature
Late evening cut-off times for bookings and collections (up to 8pm)
Delivered at a time you specify!
For example – your highly confidential shipment from
London to York needs the security of a same day courier
service. However, it is only ready to send at 7pm and the
recipient must receive it at 11am the following day. In this
case Network Courier is the ideal service for you.
By using our network trunk service, linking 16 of our service
centres throughout the UK, combined with our SameDay
Courier service, we can deliver a secure service with
real-time tracking.
For more information, email [email protected]
or speak to your local sales representative.
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For all other enquiries, please call the CitySprint International
and UK overnight service centre on 0844 888 4112.