Student Senate Elections 2012 Rules

Student Senate Elections 2012 Rules
1. For Campaigning:
a. Candidates shall abide by the guidelines of the Election’s Committee and advisors.
b. The ASCC Senate candidate may not begin campaigning prior to approval of their
application by the Election Committee.
c. Only candidates running for an executive board position may spend only $50.00 on
their campaign and these funds will be reimbursed. For Senators-at-Large, they
may utilize the resources in the Student Activities Center to promote their
d. Ten (10) total posters allowed on campus, no more than one (1) per building per
e. No candidate may campaign within two hundred (200) feet of any polling location.
f. All campaign materials must be removed within two hundred (200) feet of any
polling location.
g. All Candidates must respect other candidates campaign materials
2. For the Posting and Distribution of Elections Materials:
a. All elections material must be taken down 3 days after the election concludes.
b. Posted items must generally be affixed with thumb tacks, push pins, or similar type
implements to assure ease in removal.
i. No staples (except at the bus stops), or glue are to be used in posting of
ii. Only Blue Tape can be used to place posters and banners onto railing or
iii. No elections materials can be placed on doors, windows, door windows,
lampposts or pillars.
c. For building rails, permission is needed from the Student Activities Coordinator to
post on the Library and Cafeteria Railings. Any other Railings must be approved by
the buildings division.
d. No banners may be placed on the pedestrian bridge.
e. Indoor posting spaces such as classroom and services area bulletin boards are
subject to the discretion, use, and/or approval of respective faculty and/or services
area personnel.
f. No elections material can be placed in faculty and student mailboxes.
g. No elections material can be placed on vehicles.
h. You cannot coerce students to accept elections material.
3. Reporting an Election Code Violation:
a. In the event of an election code violation, a written petition must be submitted to
the Student Activities Coordinator within one (1) week following the violation.
i. The Election Committee shall review the petition and shall determine the
appropriate action to be taken.
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