– Short Play Academic Challenge S1 French

Academic Challenge – Short Play
S1 French
The Setting
The local authority is organising a French theatre play competition with all
schools in Moray. The winner is going to perform the short play in front of a
big audience.
The Challenge
Working in groups of four or five you are going to perform a play in front of the
class following the product criteria stated below.
Product Criteria
Form criteria
The performance should last at least five minutes and no more than ten
Each member of the group must have a minimum of three lines.
It has to be interesting and original.
Content criteria
The performance must include questions and answers about your
birthday including: When is your birthday? What do you do for your
birthday? What have you received for your birthday?
Any kind of visual, auditory or written display can be used to reinforce
the performance.
Rule criteria
Each member must have a minimum of three lines.
Use correct pronunciation and intonation.
The whole scene must be conducted in French.
Time: three periods, so the performance is going to take place on …
Co-operative working
Imagination in the costumes, setting and decorations
Includes just relevant information appropriate to the challenge
Performance criteria
Speaking with preparation.
Specific Observable Behaviours
Each student speaks with confidence.
The performance flows naturally with appropriate French vocabulary.
Each student in the group completes a task/job assigned.
Each student has to value other students’ ideas.