Cumbernauld College

Cumbernauld College
Showcase for Excellence: Public Art Project
Teaching staff have developed an imaginative approach to engaging learners from
different disciplines in working together productively. The project has been designed
as a collaborative project to develop the vocational skills of learners in art and design
and welding and fabrication, as well as their ability to work with each other to a
project brief.
The teaching staff recognise the motivational benefit to learners of working closely
with a high profile local artist in developing a creative project. The artist, has worked
closely with learners from both disciplines to research and develop ideas for a
number of pieces of public art to be displayed on the college campus. The learners
have benefited from his experience as they worked together in creative teams,
meeting weekly to share ideas, produce working drawings and scale models. The
final 3-dimensional public art metal sculptures have been produced and displayed at
a student exhibition, providing learners with a real sense of achievement.
Learners have developed skills in working together, gaining confidence in their
interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and negotiate when working as part of
a creative team. They have developed time management skills in working to
deadlines. The creative nature of the project has enabled them to experiment with
technical skills they have acquired.
This public art project will be further developed through a new initiative with a local
organisation which wishes to engage with the college and learners to create further
opportunities to showcase their creative, practical, technical and team building skills.