Peer Mediation

Finding a solution
Ask each in turn
What can you do now to help solve this problem?”
When one offers a solution, the other is asked, “Is that okay
with you?”
If both cannot agree to the solution, the mediators take the
process back to Finding Needs, and begin again from there.
Reaching an agreement
So do you think that could solve the
Do each of you feel that this will solve the problem?
(If one says no) What else should be added?
Once both have offered and agreed on a solution, they are
asked if they feel the problem is solved
Now we would like each of you to sign this contract based on
your solutions. We would like you to check back in a couple of
weeks to see how things are going.
The mediators thank the participants for doing a good job, and
the mediation is finished.
Peer Mediation
What mediation is and Ground Rules
Hello, I’m .......... and this is............ We are the peer mediators
and our job is to work with you today to try to help you solve
your problems so both people should be happier at the end.
With Peer Mediation;
 You don’t have to take part if you don’t want to
 No one gets blamed or into trouble
 It happens in private
 The mediators won’t take sides
First do you want to solve the problem yourself, do you want to
take it to a teacher or do you want peer mediation?
There are some rules that we need to follow during this
Each of you will be allowed to speak. Please do not
interrupt anyone while they are speaking. Wait your turn.
Never call names or put down the other person.
Do your best to try and solve the problem today.
Do both of you agree to these rules?
What are your names?
Listening and understanding the problem
Who wants to go first?
Please tell us what happened (first person)
Listen without interrupting
At the end ask them if they are finished
Feedback what they said and then ask them if what you said is
Repeat this for the second person
Share Feelings and needs
How did this situation make you feel? (Ask
each person in turn)
Is there anything else either of you would like to say? (allow
each to add if required)
Finding needs
What do you need to have happen in order to feel that this
problem has been solved?
(Ask each person in turn)