• Have your research assignment from last week for class discussion.

Monday – November 30
• Have your research
assignment from last week for
class discussion.
Settling Disputes/conflicts
• What is a conflict?
• Controversy
• Competitive or opposing action
• Conflict is a natural part of everyday life
so it is important that we consider how
to handle it.
Going to court to resolve conflict
• A responsible way to
manage conflict
• A learning experience
• Time consuming
• Expensive
• Problem becomes worse
• A feeling of loss even
though there is a victory
Methods for Solving Disputes
• Negotiation – people involved discuss their
• Informal talk
• Mediation – when a 3rd person helps the
disputing parties talk about their problem.
• Arbitration – both parties agree to have one
or more persons listen to their arguments and
make a decision for them.
• Court action
What is a settlement?
• An agreement worked out before the
case goes to trial.
What is an ombudsperson
• Government and universities often have these
• Investigate complaints and then help the
parties reach some agreement.
Steps in a Typical Mediation Session
• 1. Introduction – ground rules explained
• 2. Telling the story – each person tells what
happened with no interruptions.
• 3. Identifying Positions and Interests – clear
• 4. Identifying Alternative Solutions
• 5. Revising and Discussion Solutions • 6. Reaching an Agreement – both can accept.
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