Wind Energy

Wind Energy
By Meg Leonard
Wind energy is used to make electricity. Wind is air in motion.
The air moves as land and water cool down. Land and water
cool at different rates. The earth's surface absorbs heat from the
sun. During the day, the air above land heats up more quickly
than the air above water. The warm air over the land rises. The
cooler air that was over water rushes in to take its place. This
causes wind. At night, the air moves in the opposite direction.
The air over water stays warmer longer than the air over land.
The air over the land rushes out over the water as the warm air
rises. People have been using wind energy for thousands of
years. Windmills are used to collect the energy. As long as the
sun shines, there will be plenty of wind energy.
Wind Energy
1. What is wind?
A. a breeze caused when birds flap their wings
B. air in motion
C. grasses waving in a storm
D. leaves moving on trees
2. What causes wind?
A. earthquakes
B. trees
C. ocean currents
D. land and water cooling at different rates
3. How is wind energy collected?
A. large buckets
B. solar panels
C. tunnels
D. windmills
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 7:08:36 AM ET
4. How long have people been using wind energy?
A. no one uses wind energy
B. thousands of years
C. a few years
D. one year
5. Describe what causes wind during the day.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 7:08:36 AM ET