Management USC Marshall Business Information Systems Analysis and Design

Information and Operations Management
USC Marshall School of Business
Business Information Systems Analysis and Design
IOM-433, section 16227R
Fall Semester
Monday and Wednesday
2:00 pm – 3:50 pm
Dr. Ann Majchrzak
BRI 401C
why take the course
Students will gain the skills to become a business analyst, systems analyst, risk management
analyst, change management professional, or project coordinator. These skills can be carry
over through careers in finance, marketing, and consulting.
It is crucial to be able to speak the different “languages” of the work environment to be able to
bridge the gap between business managers and technical software and technology
course objective
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
 Describe how to model business requirements using Unified Modeling
Language and object-oriented analysis and design
 Develop business cases for convincing manager of the need for
information systems
 Managing the development process for a new or revamped information
system, be in in-house or outsourced
 Rapidly deploy an information system to meet user and business needs
key concepts
System Development Methodologies
Object-oriented Analysis and Design
Preparing Feasibility Analyses
Joint Application Design
Business Flow Modeling
Rational Rose Software
Use Case Diagramming
Requirement development
Change management
course description
Information analysis and the logical specification of business systems, including
logical design, physical design, and implementation; computer exercises and
case studies.