Tutor- marked Assignment C

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Tutor- marked Assignment C

This is your third Assignment which as before you will send to your Tutor to be marked and commented on: he or she will send you a full report and a

Key which should help clarify any difficulties.

Before you start this Assignment, the only one for Module Two, please check over thoroughly all the Activities in the Course so far, especially the Activities you have just done in this Lesson, which are intended to sum up what you have covered so far. If you still have any problems, you can contact your

Tutor who will put you right.

As previously, please try not to look anything up once you have started the

Assignment, and do it in test conditions. This though difficult will be good for you, and show you your progress in this Course. You will then know whether you are ready for the practical aspects of language, written and spoken, in

Modules Three and Four.

How long you take does not matter very much, but please put down the time taken afterwards, this will be a guide for your Tutor in relation to future professional examinations.

As before, the total marks are 100, and the number of marks per question is indicated in the margin. The best of luck in this Assignment, I am sure you will do well!

1. Make up five sentences including the following Parts of Speech: a) b)

Definite Article (Singular or Plural)

Indefinite Article (Plural) f) Verb: of Motion Intransitive

Each sentence should have two of the above Parts of Speech: underline each and say what it is called.

(10 Marks)

2. Put the following sentences into the Negative a) b) c)

(10 Marks) d) e)

Have you got my book?

They see everyone (What is the negative of everyone?)

The sun disappeared behind a cloud

Am l good?

Marie will be coming to see us soon

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3. Complete the following sentences with Possessive Adjectives or

Pronouns saying which are which. (Use where applicable the Nouns underlined) a) b) c) d) e)

You can keep your book, we will keep Tommy’s

Mary's friends are not our friends

That cat has lost _____ way

Elizabeth has hers; where is ______? (You have a choice...)

I am not very interested in the cities’ historic buildings

(10 Marks)

4. Put the following sentences into the Continuous Form: they are all in the Past Tense... a) b)

Terry saw me after the show

They brought their suitcases with them c) d) e)

(10 Marks)

Did you go to London last week?

I didn’t like what they showed us

The sun rose at about four o’ clock this morning

5. Complete the following sentences using the guidelines in the brackets.

Sometimes you have a choice: a) have ever seen

(Demonstrative) woods are the (Superlative) beautiful I b) c) ago d) e)

(Possessive) pen has disappeared. Where (Verb) it be?

Johnnie_______ vanished. I (Past: to see) him five minutes

Where______ you go last night? I______ looking for you

(Demonstrative) over there are the ones I was looking for

6. Put the following sentences into the Future, using the Simple or

Continuous Form as is most suitable: a) I am leaving in about a quarter of an hour b) Where were you, Peter?* c) The visitors arrive early, and leave late d) What have you done?* e) Philip has to go at the end of the morning

* You have to change from Past to Future

(10 Marks)

7. Put the following Sentences into the Conditional using the

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Continuous Form (ing) where appropriate: a) Where are you walking? b) The tourists do not visit the cathedral c) I do not have any money! d) If I come (Past), will you let me in? e) I do not know what you are (Past) talking about

(10 Marks)

8. Simple Past: Make up Five Sentences in the Simple Past using the following Verbs: (the Subjects are provided) e.g. to be: Paul: = Paul was my best friend a) to bring: we b) sing: I c) swing: the children d) to go: you e) bite: she

(10 Marks)

9. Put the Following Sentences into the Present Perfect: (You need not use the Continuous Form) e.g. We go to the cinema we have gone to the cinema a) Peter visits his uncle and aunt at the weekend b) Are you able to see that mountain in the distance? c) Many people go to London Zoo d) Thousands take their children to the sea in the summer e) The snow falls heavily in winter

(10 Marks)

10. following topics:

Write a Composition of about 150 words on ONE of the a) A Visit to the Country or the Sea b) What I like to do at weekends c) My home town

You can use which tense you like; but if you can use Past and Future

Tenses that will make a better Composition. Keep to what you are happy with, and always plan your Composition before you set it out properly. A separate paper for your plan, and notes is always a good idea. Good luck!

(10 Marks)

(Total: 100 Marks)

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