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Study Abroad Confirmation of Full Time Enrollment
All Michigan Tech students are required to demonstrate that they are enrolled full time
while abroad. To ensure proper credit and distribution of financial aid, students must
submit a copy of their course schedule and this signed confirmation of full time enrollment
form to IPS no later than 15 days after your program’s start date.
This form must be signed by your on-site Program/Exchange Director or Registrar.
Michigan Tech reserves the right to revoke or adjust your financial aid for failure to
maintain or successfully complete a full course of study.
This is to certify that ____________________________________________has enrolled
as a full-time student at ______________________________________________________.
(Host Institution Name)
Enrollment Start Date:___________________Enrollment End Date:___________________
Signature of Program/Exchange Director or Registrar
Printed Name
Please return to Michigan Technological University by mail, fax or scan and email at the
above address. Thank you.
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