During the course of our research, we received helpful comments,
suggestions, and criticisms from our RAND colleagues Frank Camm,
Jack Abell, Marygail Brauner, Chris Hanks, Doug McIver, Ray Pyles,
Hy Shulman, and participants in RAND’s logistics seminar. We received generous help from Air Force military and civilian personnel.
We especially appreciate our discussions with Tom Browning, Col.
Ray Davies, Lt. Col. David Dinning, Grover Dunn, Lt. Col. Thomas
Fossen, Glenda Gibson, Lt. Col. Armand Grassi, Col. John Gunselman, Dave Jensen, Fae Mungo, Maj. Walter Munyer, and Col. (ret.)
Pete Stauder. This report benefited greatly from thoughtful reviews
by RAND colleagues Nancy Moore and Ellen Pint.
This work would not have been possible without the help of these
people. Nonetheless, all assertions and interpretations in this report
belong to the authors alone.