– 2015-16 Final Formal Feedback

Caribbean History: From Colonialism to Independence
Final Formal Feedback – 2015-16
I have now received and read your final module evaluation. Thank you for those
who completed the questionnaires. As was the case at the half-way point, everyone
seems to have enjoyed the course, with 100% agreeing that they were satisfied with
the module overall and 93.3% doing so ‘strongly’. As before, you were
complimentary that I was able to convey my enthusiasm and knowledge about the
history of the Caribbean in interesting ways. Among the other things that you liked
were the hand-outs, that it was easy to participate in seminars and that the lectures
were clearly delivered.
Speaking personally, I would also like to thank you for coping with my absence so
well – my daughter, Tilly, and wife, Carolyn, certainly appreciated the time I could
devote to them.
Many thanks and best of luck with your exams!
David Lambert
10 May 2016