UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK Minutes from the Athena Steering Group Meeting Held on

Minutes from the Athena Steering Group Meeting
Held on
Tuesday 20th March 2012
Present: Professor T Jones (Chair), Professor A Rodger, Professor PA Thomas, Professor P
Winstanley, Mr M Blair, Mrs L Walls, Mrs S Beaufoy
Terms of Reference
A draft of the Terms of Reference for the group were discussed.
Professor A Rodger to produce a vision statement to be included in the Terms of
Members of group to forward comments on the Terms of Reference to S Beaufoy.
Athena Submissions
It is anticipated that WMG will be applying for a Bronze award in the April 2012
submission round and the Department of Psychology will be re-submitting for a Silver
WMS has submitted for a Bronze award and will know the outcome late March 2012.
In light of funding implications, Heads of Departments will be advised to start work on
their Athena applications with a view to submission in November 2012.
Athena to feature on the Agenda at the next Science Faculty Lunch.
Professor T Jones to write to Heads of Departments requesting departments aims to
meet the November 2012 deadline for Athena submission.
Professor T Jones to hold Athena discussions with Life Sciences, Professor A Rodger
with Mathematics and Statistics and Professor P Thomas with Computer Science and
Recommendations to Equality and Diversity Committee
That the Athena Steering Group make the following recommendations to the Equality and
Diversity Committee:
That a formal recommendation be made by the Equality and Diversity Committee to
STEM departments to make an Athena submission for the November 2012 deadline.
That a formal recommendation be made by the Equality and Diversity Committee that
the University submit for a Silver award either in November 2012 or April 2013
This action to go to the next Equality and Diversity Committee meeting on 22 May 2012.
Athena Project Officer
That funding has been made available to recruit a dedicated Athena Project Officer for a
period of one year. The Project Officer will work with departments and the wider University
on future Athena submissions. The post holder will also work on the HR Excellence in
Research project.
University Initiatives for Athena
Maternity Returners
Support should be given to support women returning from maternity/adoption leave.
This should be done on an individual basis, in order that the support is tailored to the
preferred needs of individuals.
Returning Parents Network
The Returning Parents Network should be encouraged to continue. Information
including Case Studies on returning parents should be displayed on web pages.
Annual Review and Promotions Forms
A statement on work carried out to promote collegiality/team work to be included on
annual review and promotion forms.
Mr M Blair to investigate.
Professional and Personal Training and Development for Post Doctoral Research
All PDRA’s should be encouraged by their line managers, to attend specific training
events and development activities to enhance their transferable skills.
To investigate a web based portfolio for completion by PDRAs on training and
development activities they have undertaken during their time at Warwick.
6. Athena Interim Report
That an Annual Athena Update Report be produced to inform progress on the Athena Action
Plan and proposed initiatives. This report will also form part of the University Athena Silver
S Beaufoy to draft report in time for the next scheduled meeting in May 2012.
7. Any Other Business
The date of the next meeting will be in May 2012.