Alpha Epsilon Delta (Updated 7/28/15)

Special Worksheet for Premeds at Xavier University of Louisiana
Alpha Epsilon Delta (Updated 7/28/15)
This sheet is to be completed by freshmen at Xavier in the fall semester. All answers to the questions on
this worksheet can be obtained from the Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) display case outside of NCF
108 (display case on the left). It is intended to make students more aware of Alpha Epsilon Delta and,
hopefully, aspire to meet the qualifications to join when eligible.
1. What is Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)? _____________________________________________
2. What is the name of Xavier’s chapter of AED? ____________________________
3. When was Xavier’s chapter of AED founded? _____________________________
4. Who are the 2015-2016 officers of Xavier’s chapter of AED?
President: ________________________________________________________
Vice-President: ___________________________________________________
Secretary: _______________________________________________________
Treasurer: _______________________________________________________
Historian/Scalpel Reporter: _______________________________________________________
Community Service Chair: _______________________________________________________
Primary Advisors: ________________________________________________
5. What was the first HBCU to obtain a chapter of AED? ________________________
6. What other HBCU has a chapter of AED? _________________________________
7. What is the name of the national magazine for AED? (HINT: Copies are on display in the
AED Case)______________________________________________
Signature ___________________________________________ Date _________________
Printed Name _____________________________________________________________
8. List the six requirements for joining AED.
9. What does the acronym “BCPM” stand for? ________________________________________
10. What time of year does Xavier’s chapter of AED accept new members? ________________
11. How much did students pay to join AED in 2015? _____________
Please put the completed worksheet in the “IN” basket,
located on the reception desk in the Premed Office.
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